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Paradefahrzeug / Float


278.400 EUR (Brutto)
240.000 EUR (Netto)
19,00% MwSt.

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Original Paradefahrzeug (“Float”) das 2014 den Fackellauf der Olympische Winterspiele (Sochi) begleiten durfte.
(Es handelt sich um ein Gebrauchtfahrzeug mit entsprechenden Gebrauchsspuren – Herstellungskosten lagen 2013 bei 464.000)

Details Paradefahrzeug / Float

  • Volvo Chassis
  • Volvo FM 6×4
  • 380hp/13ccm
  • Built 2013
  • Driver Cab type L2H1-LOW FM
  • Euro 5, SCR
  • Automatic gearbox AT2612D, 12-?????????
  • Off-Road Option package
  • Front axle weight (technical) max 8,0 t.
  • Rear axle mounting with 4 + 4 air belllows
  • Drive shaft RTS2370A
  • Electronic Brake control system with ABS
  • Disc brakes, electronically controlled by TCS
  • EBS “Electronic Brake System”
  • 330 L Aluminum tank
  • AdBlue Tank 60 L

Bereifung (Rims and tires)

  • Aluminum Rims
  • 315/70R22.5 L CONT HSW2 XL
  • 315/70R22.5 M CONT HDW2

Interior (Fahrerhaus / Driver Cab)

  • Interior wall coverings & seats Textile, door panels Vinyl
  • Driver Comfort seat, air suspension
  • Passenger seat standard, firm
  • 1 lounger below, 70×200 cm
  • Cruise Control
  • Instrumentation medium, incl. indicators for Turbo pressure, Oil pressure and Engine temperature and large
  • display
  • Speed limiter 90 km/h
  • Digital trip recorder
  • 12 &24 V Connections in dash board
  • Tinted Glass
  • A/C with automatic temperature control

Exterior (Fahrerhaus / Driver Cab)

  • Plastic Bumpers without step tread
  • Insect protection in front of radiator (Netting)
  • Manual tilting unit for the driver cab
  • Front mirror
  • Sun visor, grey
  • Standard lower beam headlight
  • 2 Halogen Fog lights
  • Extra strong horn “Jericho”
  • Basic coating quality
  • 1103WHIT Winterwhite NCS 1202-Y03R
  • Driver cab mechanic suspension with 4 coil springs
  • Heated mirrors, electrically controlled rear mirror, wide angle mirrors both sides.
  • Ramp mirror on passenger side


  • Special assembly on 6X4 Chassis
  • Frame height +/- 950 mm
  • Ground level height +/- 1.130 mm
  • Inside height +/- 2.350 mm
  • Roof fold-up +/- 500 mm
  • 1st floor balustrade 110 mm (mounting firm)
  • Total height during drive 3.700 mm, total height during event 4.200 mm
  • A heavy base frame is mounted on the chassis; the front part connection to the chassis is flexible
  • at the rear end of the chassis a flap down stair is mounted, the rear lights are installed in the bottom of the
  • folded up stair, the stair is also the under-ride protection
  • With regards to ground clearance the vehicle must have a number of different drive levels
  • The columns support a roof/floor construction on which a roof sheet is mounted
  • on the right side of the rear third of the construction a build-in storage is placed, also to support the roof for
  • stability
  • Fenders are mounted above the wheels
  • The entire construction is blasted, galvanized and coated
  • Made out of aluminum and a sandwich of hard PVC an/or hard foam
  • Construction of skirting and storage compartments
  • Construction of round design sides
  • Spoiler installation on driver cab
  • In the front a room for technical equipment as well as storage and place for 4 people will be considered. The
  • room will be heated. The door to this room as a glass window. A fold down bench will be installed.

light effects

  • LED day running light / LEDayFlex
  • modular chains with 5 lights each, 50 pieces in total, 250 lights in total
  • round lamps assembles according to the flame design
  • programmed to be controlled individually to set up the effects of a flash or flickering light
  • installation in the truck, control panel