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Vehicle construction 7,5t – 40t

Fahrzeugbau bis 40t

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The premium class of promotion vehicles

As a specialist in this category of vehicles, we are offering endless individuality specially aligned on the application purpose. Partly patented proprietary development as well as strong creativity combined with know-how in the practical test, gives you the choice of just about any imaginable room solution on the mobile basis.

As a pioneer in 12 meter long promotional special trucks are we offering intelligent solutions for an exhibition area of up to 377 sq ft (35m²). Weights of 12–15 tons are the specialty of these vehicles and this with an on-site area of less than 646 sq ft (60m²).

Any kind of mobile room concept up till 1291 sq ft (120m²) can be offered with a total weight of up to 40 tons.

You can choose from a variety of facility options:

  • Sublime basic equipment or a special equipment package
  • Kitchen / Air-conditioning / Heating system
  • Electric installation – generator
  • Multimedia – audio – video – internet
  • Roof terrace – upper floors
  • Handicap-accessible
  • Individual area design concept
  • Sanitary facilities – toilet – bath
  • Exclusive furniture construction
  • Fully automated control concept