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Vehicle construction


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Overview of services

  • Conceptual design and new construction of advertising, presentation and event vehicles
  • Independent import of trucks & special vehicles from the USA
  • Refitting to meet European requirements and licensing formalities
  • Exclusive distribution of the eleMMent in Colani design
  • Vehicle and special superstructures – sale new / used
  • Customized remodeling of your own trailer
  • Individual design of the exterior and interior
  • Attendance and service contracts
  • Guarantee handling
  • Roadside assistance service
  • Own truck garage
  • Garage parking

From standard to extrem.

In addition to our own extensive fleet of rental vehicles, we also design and produce mobile advertising media and every type of promotional and presentation vehicle.

Professional and hands-on consulting as well as planning in 3D and CAD are essential conditions. We, moreover, offer suitable leasing contracts.

Of course, we also offer the full service handling of your vehicle as one of our many services!