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eleMMent Visione – selected mobility

Although only an agile 12 meters (40 ft) long the visione’s through its fully automatic room extension offers an impressive 35 sq.m (377 sq.ft) showroom. The integrated 5 m (16 ft) wide media split wall consists of 8 monitors, server and multi-media desk as well as presentation shelf with integrated iPad intake. This assembly allows for multi-media presentations of the highest quality. The driver cab itself can be used as a private consulting area; it is outfitted with premium conference seating in hand-sewn micro-suede and Porsche leather.

The vehicle comes with a compact kitchenette, designer lounge area, air condition as well as yacht parquet flooring which can be equipped with by underfloor heating. A customer restroom completes the conveniences on-board.
The incomparable Marchi Mobile driver cab based on the Colani design guarantees enormous public attention; its aero-dynamic advantage provides fuel savings of up to 25%, in general making the vehicle one of the most environmentally friendly promotion trucks.
This outstanding vehicle is waiting for you! Please call to discuss our leasing terms.


  • 377 sq.ft Showroom
  • set-up time 10 minutes
  • automatic slide-out room
  • space for 25 people
  • conference seating for 15 people
  • 16 ft wide media split wall
  • server and multi-media desk
  • presentation rack with iPad dock
  • glass main entrance with automatic slide doors
  • yacht parquet flooring
  • air condition + underfloor heating
  • aero-dynamic advantage provides fuel savings of up to 25%
  • compact kitchenette with fridge, sink and coffee maker
  • high-quality toilet with sink
  • weight empty 16.3t
  • vehicle load capacity 10t