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Promotion Vehicles

Our fleet of rental vehicles can be regarded as unique.

Most of our vehicles are certainly among the most innovative and exceptional advertising vehicles in the world.

Choose from our broad range of vehicles that provide usable areas from 54 sq ft (5m²) to over 1.184 sq ft (110m²). A part of our fleet is for instance the elemento in the unique Colani Design as well as special self constructions like our API Truck, which has 2.045 sq ft (190m²) of automatically changing adversiting billboards 23 feet (7m) up in the air. Futhermore, our homemade FCT premium truck in Rolls Royce Phantom Style sets new standards in unique vehicle construction.

“Eye-catcher par excellence”

Individual vehicles for every type of advertising campaign.

eleMMent Visione

its fully automatic room extension offers an impressive 35 sqm (377 square feet) showroom


The MMpro.
a futuristic semi trailer in Colani Design

MM Cube

MM Cube
From light car trailer to 16 m2 mobile presentation and exhibition stand

Exhibition Light 3500

3,5t XXL automobile trailer
one module and a thousand capabilities.


First Class Promotion Truck
Innovative premium class vehicle with 6 feet radiator grill in Rolls Royce appearance. Motor vehicle, 1102 inch ² total area.


mobile presentation room ,
370 feet 4448 inches ² total area (semi trailer). Fascinating mobility combined with extensive presentation space.

E.D.S. I

Rolling Showroom
with double enlargement. Trailer with over 298 feet 3582 inch ² Presentation area.


Our E.D.S. II – Exclusive Double Slide-out takes you straight to hitting your goals in areas of marketing, product presentations, training, sponsorship.


Road shows with the E.D.S. III – Exclusive Double Slide-out are the perfect stage for successful Product presentations


Trailer with self supporting stage which can be used open or closed with glas walls, 282 feet 3385 inch ² smart room arrangement and vip room inclusive.


Multifunctional promotion-trailer. A promotion-trailer with 114 feet 1377inch ² total area (trailer). An agile all-rounder, even on small site.


Minisattel as mobile information and show Truck with attractive amount of space. Minisattelauflieger, 98 feet 1181 inch² total area.

Screenbox 26

The Screen Box stands out for its extraordinary high level of mobility and versatility.


Officemobile, 72ft 866in ² total area. Exclusiv Office Center with conference area for up to 5 persons.


Eyecatcher in XXXL- The H1 Hummer Limousine is one of the most striking vehicles in europe.