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Roadshow Consulting

Consultation for agencies and companies by mm Promotion

Do you already know all the factors that must be considered in relation to a roadshow?

Whether you already have roadshow experience or are new to this field, we will set new impulses for your project. The consultation service of mm Promotion ranges from the analysis of potential to the provision of all country-specific information and arrangements regarding the project. The goal is to ensure the availability of all knowledge required for your individual project, to facilitate a fast start that is well-organized and problem-free.

Our special expertise in the development and implementation of mobile B2B and B2C marketing concepts is derived from our many years of practical experience, combined with ongoing continuing education and a constant exchange of information on an international basis. Successfully completed projects at the national and international level and the long-standing loyality of our customers are indicators of our role as unique specialists in the field of mobile marketing solutions.