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Eye-catching to you but unnoticeable to nature

Together with the Marchi Mobile GoGreen initiative and the Forest Carbon Group, we set an example of environmentally friendly mobility. Besides using green electricity from renewable energy sources and commitment to support the conservation of species in their natural living space over Orang Utan sponsorship Marchi Mobile takes a sustainable approach to environment protection.

Reaching out to your clients directly by road show does not only save their travel and time, but also saves nature a great amount of greenhouse gas emissions. To maximize this effect, as the first and only road show agency worldwide, we offer the exclusive eleMMent from Marchi Mobile. It is unique and distinctive in its looks and environmentally friendly in its construction. The aerodynamic vehicle shape partially based on the design of Luigi Colani reduces fuel consumption of up to 25% compared to regular vehicles of its class.

In cooperation with Forest Carbon Group Marchi Mobile GoGreen initiative takes action for the protection, reforestation and sustainable management of forest areas.The goal of our commitment is to neutralize the carbon footprint of every road show executed by us. Therefore nature actively benefits from every kilometer of your individual routing. In practice this means that thousands of new or saved trees contribute to natural regulation of air pollution each year.


Hermes Fan Tour 2013

“…With you and your entire team we not only found a good partner but an extraordinarily dedicated, flexible, technically exceptional and professional team player. We are particularly thrilled that in addition you now have planted 500 trees in our name; an outstanding idea! We thank you and the whole team for your excellent support and look forward to all the work we will do together in the future.”

Margot und Hanspeter Rass – brandicons


“…we just planted 100 trees in Ethopia!
We are excited to be part of this great cause.”

Manuela Alves-Christiansen, Pura Communications